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      Zhoushan Dinghai Lucheng Screw Machinery Factory,a leading domestic enterprise, specialized in the manufacturing of all different kinds of screw&barrel,taper type &plane type twin screw extruders and special-shaped plastic tube production lines.
      Our production process,based on advanced technology introduced from abroad,has been further developed and optimized through our uninterrupted effort and innovation in the past decades.Due to our hign quality precision production machinery and perfect managements system,we can offer you a wide range of products of the best quality.
      Our products are being exported to countries and regions in southeast Asia and Europe and are besing supplied to several tens of enterprises in mainland China with excellent service for the complete set of machinery.Meanwhile we are providing special welcome service for our domestic customers to solve problems concerning their manufacturing process and by replacing screws,barrels and parts.A convincing example is that we have refitted some equipment from Nippon steel co.,Nakamura Toshiba,Mitsubishi heavy industry and Cincinnati of Austria.after a long operation time,the costs for the refitted equipment was proven to be only one tenth of that the costs of the imported ones ,while their quality performance can well compete with them.
      Lu-Cheng screw and barrels are manufactured strictly according to the standards and codes for the plastic industry per state.This means:high precision ,no-deformation,abrasion-resistance and excellent corrosion-resistance.
      We will insist the principle of prestige and service first and offer the customers the products at low price and high quality.Clients from all corners are warmly welcome to our company to negotiate business and built up a bright cooperation for the future together.
Our company philosophy and standards are listed below:
¡¾Management concept¡¿
1.Customer first:become the guide of our customer demands and build up a trustful relation.
2.Credit uppermost:pursue an honest and faithful behavior principle.
3.Science and technology as forerunner:take marketplace as guide and develop advanced technology to meet customer's expectation.
4.Human resources are our basis:excellent employees make quality products
¡¾Management model¡¿
Grasp problemts to improve,find flaw to break through
¡¾Development direction¡¿
Create a famous trademark and build a classic enterpise
¡¾Service concept¡¿
Fast, accurate and proper
¡¾Market concept¡¿
Keep moving,catch win in changeble circumstance
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