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Name:  Single screw and barrel of extruder machine01 


Single screw and barrel of extruder machine



Ratio of Length to Diameter :1555



Alloy-Steel of High-quality

(1) 38CrMoAlA (JIS SACM645)

(2) 42CrMo (AISI 4140)      

(3) 4Cr5MoSiV1 (JIS SKD-61)



(1)       Nitriding treatment

(2)       Electroplated hard-chrome

(3)       High-frequency quenching

(4)       Spray coating Bimetallic-alloy

(5)       Vacuum quenching



Main technical specifications::

Technical: Nitriding treatment, alloy coating spraying, heating treatment, screw fully hardening,

Hardness After Hardening & Tempering : 240-280 HV

Nitrided Hardness : 900-1020 HV

Nitrided Case Depth: 0. 5~0.8mm

Nitrided Brittleness: Less Than Grade 2

Surface Roughness: Ra 0.4um/m

Screw Straightness: 0.015mm/m

Surface Chromium-Plating''s Hardness After Nitriding:900HV

Chromium-Plating Depth: 0.05~0.10mm

Alloy Hardness: HRC50°-65°

Alloy Depth: 0.8~2.0mm


Screw can be selected from ordinary,gradual,mutational,pinned,shielding,separating and exhausting types.

The compression ratio of screw can be desingned according to different raw material-s and requirements of clients.


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